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The Relationship Between Alcohol Use and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Personality disorders usually start when someone is a teenager or young adult. However, alcoholism does increase narcissistic behaviors and tendencies. Even when an alcoholic doesn’t have a full diagnosis of NPD, they act in ways that are similar to a narcissist. One limitation of this study is the lack of diversity in the sample’s age (18–25) and race (88% Caucasian). This limits the generalizability of the findings of the study. Some research has found racial differences in regards to college drinking.

Ego then often spends a considerable amount of time engaging with its drug of choice too, no matter what it may be. In fact, you may need a qualified medical professional to treat your narcissism as well. Because if your NPD is at all as severe as your AUD, you’ll be dealing with dual-diagnosis. Here that due diligence covered the various similarities between ego and alcohol, as well as ways we might mitigate their affiliated disorders.

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Co-occurring disorders are substance use disorders and mental disorders that exist at the same time. narcissism and alcoholism The good news is that both narcissistic personality disorder and alcoholism are very treatable.

  • People with NPD and people with AUD might have some symptoms in common.
  • Relapse is a common experience among people who are recovering from AUD.
  • Someone experiencing both alcoholism and narcissism will oftentimes exhibit a lack of self-awareness or will refuse to take responsibility for their action.
  • Because if your NPD is at all as severe as your AUD, you’ll be dealing with dual-diagnosis.
  • Beyond addiction and recovery, she also covers topics relating to general well-being, mindfulness, fitness, mental health, and more.

If your spouse has co-occurring alcoholism and narcissistic personality disorder, it is important to take care of your own mental health. Exercising, following a nutritious diet, and making time for enjoyable activities are all small measures of self-care that can help. Remind yourself not to take your spouse’s behavior https://ecosoberhouse.com/ personally, and set clear boundaries around what behavior you will and will not tolerate. Your spouse may try to manipulate you into giving them things they want, and they will likely not see how their drinking affects you. However, your spouse’s behavior is unlikely to change without professional treatment.

What causes each condition — can one cause the other?

An individual can receive diagnoses of both conditions and begin treatments for both right away. There are differences between an alcohol use disorder and NPD. Many people who drink to excess are kind to others when they are not sober.

narcissism and alcoholism

Reapply yourself to school or relight a passion you let linger. See a therapist help you deal with the emotional fallout of the abuse. National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Healthy narcissism is the positive traits of narcissism, such as high self-esteem and confidence. For a narcissist, the fix is attention or gratification. Narcissists view others in terms of what they can do for the narcissist.

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